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This was Rusty's layout in Lincoln Nebraska
It was modeled with the Era of 1850 to 1920 in mind
These are a few pictures I had taken of Rusty's last layout
A couple photos are slightly blurred
The layout no longer exists
Rusty is now living once again in St Joseph Missouri

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Excavation crew working on a dinosaur digging
How's that for using IMAGINATION?

This will be a large Hobo Camp in the future.
He uses an FM radio to trigger a miniature strobe light
beneath the campfire smoke, making it look like a flickering flame.

A very realistic farm & barnyard scene.

Rusty uses screen wire only as a visual aid.
The screen wire is then removed & crumbled
paper & plaster cloth are then used for the mountains.

Rusty talking to Pam Drozd about his layout

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