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Circa 1900
Frederick, Felix & 8th Street Intersection

Originating at the intersection of Eighth Street and Felix Street, Frederick Avenue cuts through a variety of business and residential sections of St. Joseph. At Twenty-fifth Street, the avenue changes dramatically from a bustling commercial strip to a residential street

Aerial View of Frederick Avenue

This photo is a postcard showing Frederick Avenue from 8th to about 14th Street
The Pony Express statue has not yet been installed but the new City Hall is visible
Circa: sometime between 1926 and 1939

CIRCA: 1909

A 1909 parade photo taken at 8th & Frederick Avenue

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Circa 1920
801 Felix
Demolished during Urban Renewal

All buildings were destroyed during Urban Renewal
Frederick Avenue begins on the right side
Photo #1 - Looking north at 8th & Felix - Frederick Avenue
Photo #2 - Schroer's visible behind the young lady's head
Photo #3 - Looking northeast up Frederick Avenue.
Photo #4 - Looking north at 8th & Felix
Photo #5 - 1933 St Joseph News Press advertisement
Photo #6 - 1920 St Joseph News Press advertisement

Circa 1951
Kamber Clothes
Circa 1955
First Federal Savings & Loan
802 Frederick
Demolished during Urban Renewal

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Circa 1923
G. R. Kinney Company
803 Frederick
Circa 1926
Kinney Shoe Company
803 Frederick
Circa 1945
Kaybee Store
One Hour Cleaners
803 Frederick
Demolished during Urban Renewal

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Circa 1933
Schultz Photography Studio
805 Frederick
Circa 1937
Smart Shop Apparel For Women
805 Frederick
Demolished during Urban Renewal

St Joseph Beauty University
805½ Frederick
Demolished during Urban Renewal

Circa 1900
Whitham Brothers Grocery
Circa 1918
Kaul Grocery
Circa 1953
Schultz Photography Studio
807 Frederick
Demolished during Urban Renewal

Circa 1900
Felix Muleski Meats
Circa 1953
Cosmopolitan Shoe Repair #2
809 Frederick
Demolished during Urban Renewal

1 2

Circa 1900
Charles Chestnut Hardware & Tinware
811 Frederick
Circa 1953
Sherwin-Williams Paint Company
811 Frederick
Circa 1958
One Hour Cleaners
811 Frederick
Demolished during Urban Renewal

Photo #2 - 1959 St Joseph News Press advertisement

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Circa 1940
813 Frederick
Demolished during Urban Renewal

Circa 1900
Amos Davenport Barbershop
Circa 1908
Kinodrome Silent Movie Theater
814 Frederick Avenue

Known to be in operation in 1908
Information submitted by Terry Plumb

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Circa 1927
815 Felix
814 Frederick
Demolished during Urban Renewal

The First State Bank occupied this building in 1927

This building shared Felix & Frederick Streets thus also shared 2 addresses

Numerous committees fought to save this unique building during Urban Renewal

The Bartlett Trust Company was located in this building in the 1920's

Listed in the 1953 city directory as the KFEQ building
KFEQ radio station occupied the 4th floor

It was also once the home of KUSN radio station
(Affectionally also known as Kissin' KUSN)

Home Savings and Loan is known to have had their office here in 1962

Because of the 1970's Urban Renewal program, a rarely used and defective municipal parking lot now consumes some of this area

Photo #1 - Taken right before the wrecking ball began
Photo #2 - Taken right before the wrecking ball began
Photo #6 - 1922 advertisement for The Barlett Trust Co
Photo #9 - The razing of the Howitt Building
Photo #10 - 1962 newspaper Home Savings advertisement
Photo #12 - 1972 newspaper photo prior urban renewal
Photo #13 - 1947 advertisement for the KFEQ building
Photo #14 - J Wesley Koch KFEQ Radio station manager standing by the new FM antenna in 1945
Photo #15 - KFEQ Radio operator, Guy Saxton, who later started Cool Crest Garden Golf
Photo #16 - KFEQ Radio operator, Jacqueline Jackson-Ritter
Photo #17 - John Schraufek (standing) and Mike Fisher (seated) in the master control room at KFEQ-TV
Photo #18 - A popular quartet on KFEQ radio called Natural Quartette in the early 1900's
Photo #19 - First Banks advertisement - First State Bank was in this building in 1927
Photo #20 - The folks who entertain you on KFEQ radio
Photos #1,2 that I took before Urban Renewal razing began
Photos #3,4 & 5 submitted by Dave Sietzen
Photo #18 submitted by Leslie Harrison Wyman, great niece of Ezra Harrison

KFEQ Building
814 Frederick
Demolished during Urban Renewal

In 1953, this was the home of KFEQ radio, which was located on the 4th floor
Many companies had their offices in this 5 story building

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Circa 1900
L. B. Marchain Saloon
815 Frederick
Circa 1920
Grand Union Tea Company
815 Frederick
Circa 1932
Ellinger Sporting Goods
815 Frederick
Demolished during Urban Renewal

Christian Ellinger Proprietor
In the sporting good business for 43 years when ad came out
In 1932, Ellinger Sporting Goods moved to this address from 416 Edmond
Photo #2 - 1920 Grand Union Tea Company News Press advertisement
Photo #3 - 1932 Ellinger News Press advertisement, a misprinted address
Photo #4 - 1932 Ellinger advertisement with correct address

Circa 1900
J. N. James & Son Coal Company
816 Frederick
Circa 1953
Elliot Marshall Insurance
816 Frederick
Demolished during Urban Renewal

American Auto Insurance
816 Frederick
Demolished during Urban Renewal

Central Surety Insurance
816 Frederick
Demolished during Urban Renewal

Barrow Brothers Investments
816 Frederick
Demolished during Urban Renewal

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Circa 1900
817 Frederick
Circa 1910
817 Frederick Avenue
Circa 1913
817 Frederick Avenue
Circa 1953
817 Frederick
Demolished during Urban Renewal

Gramer & Bullock Real Estate
818 Frederick
Demolished during Urban Renewal

Glen Venable Insurance
818 Frederick
Demolished during Urban Renewal

American Jersey Cattle Club
818 Frederick
Demolished during Urban Renewal

Circa 1900
Williams & Carroll Horse Shoe'rs
Circa 1905
Columbian Electrical Company
Circa 1953
Anderson Typewriter Co
820 Frederick
Demolished during Urban Renewal

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Circa 1900
Gus Schumacher Grocery
821 Frederick
Circa 1900
Davis Brothers Insurance
821 Frederick
Circa 1915
Arnold's Meat Market
821 Frederick
Circa 1924
Basket Store No 91
821 Frederick
Demolished during Urban Renewal

Photo #2 - 1924 St Joseph News Press advertisement
Photo #3 - 1915 St Joseph News Press advertisement

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Circa 1900
Frederick Tietjen Shoemaker
822 Frederick
Circa 1915
Standard Furniture Company
822 Frederick
Circa 1919
Peerless Starter Sales Company
822 Frederick
Circa 1920
Oscar A. Pash Wallpaper & Furniture
822-824-826 Frederick
Circa 1953
Eugene Loyd Insurance
822 Frederick
Demolished during Urban Renewal

Farmers Insurance Group
822 Frederick
Demolished during Urban Renewal

Pearl Nu-way Laundry
823 Frederick
Demolished during Urban Renewal

Ed's TV & Appliance
824 Frederick
Demolished during Urban Renewal

Bansbach Building
825 Frederick
Demolished during Urban Renewal

Circa 1900
David Waldron Contractor & Builder
826 Frederick
Demolished during Urban Renewal

Circa 1900
Charles Vogel Saloon
827 Frederick
Demolished during Urban Renewal

9th & Frederick1 9th & Frederick2 9th & Frederick3 9th & Frederick4 9th & Frederick3

Circa 1910
837 Frederick Avenue
837 Frederick Avenue
Demolished during Urban Renewal

In 1910, D. E. Curtain and H. L. Perkins obtained ownership of the pharmacy
The last owners of this drug store were Victor and Louis Randolf
The Rudolfs had operated this drug store for 45 years

It was one of the few in the world allowed to use the name Red Cross
The drug store had been in operation for 95 years. It was founded before the chartering of the Red Cross, the international aid organization so it was able to use the name Red Cross

In 1972, the city filed an eviction action against the Red Cross Pharmacy because the Urban Renewal Program was wanting the city block on which the drug store was located for parking purposes

The remainder of the block in which the drug store was located had already been acquired by the urban renewal authority

Rather than relocating to another location, the Rudolfs just went out of business
I am sure it is missed by many people

Thomas W. Paul was the 1972 Urban Renewal executive director

This was a block that was bounded by Felix, Francis and 9th Streets

Both of the 2 photos are views looking westward from 9th & Francis

Photo #1 submitted by Zet Miller
Photo #3 - January 2, 1910 "Notice of new ownership"
Photo #4 - The Red Cross Pharmacy sign comes down

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Gard Business University
514 Francis
9th & Frederick
Demolished during Urban Renewal

Gards was originally at 514 Francis Street in the Pioneer Building

Gard Business University later moved across from the Trail theater on 9th Street

Urban Renewal removed this entire block of buildings. The city created a large parking lot consuming the block. The upper level has been deemed unsafe and has been blocked off now for many years. The city is still debating what to do about it

As per photo #2, 9th Street was a 2 way street when the photo was taken


1 2 3 Western Auto4 5 6 7

9th & Frederick
9th & Felix
3131 Frederick Ave
Demolished during Urban Renewal

Until Urban Renewal, this collage was located at 9th & Frederick
At one time, the YWCA was also located in this building
This business College moved to the NE corner of 9th & Felix, see photo #4
In 1986, Platt College moved again to 3131 Frederick

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Circa 1940's
Civic Center Park
10th & Frederick

The Pony Express Statue was unveiled on April 21, 1940

The Pony Express Statue resides on a small triangular shaped park bounded by 9th & 10th streets and Frederick Avenue & Francis Street

The sculptor was Herman Macneil (see photo #12)

Photo #1 - 2008 looking north from Faraon
Photo #2 - 1955 photo - buildings removed during Urban Renewal
Photo #3 - Pony Express Statue
Photo #4 - Pony Express Statue
Photo #5 - 1994 Harley Davidson H.O.G. members, my wife and I are in this photo
Photo #6 - Pony Express Statue
Photo #7 - Pony Express Statue
Photo #8 - Pony Express Statue
Photo #9 - Pony Express Statue
Photo #10 - April 21, 1940, unveiling of the statue
Photo #11 - Pony Express Statue
Photo #12 - Sculptor was HERMAN MACNEIL, April 1940 unveiling
Photo #13 - Proposed Pony Express Memorial
Photo #14 - Pony Express Statue before Sammy's was built
Photo #15 - Looking north from Francis Street
Photo #16 - Looking north from Francis Street

Circa Early 1970s
Frederick shortened during Urban Renewal

Photo - St Joseph News Press photo

Circa 1899
Corner of 9th & Frederick/Francis
Demolished during Urban Renewal

Photo - 1899 Advertisement

Circa 1885
Meaher & Gleason Grocery House
901 Frederick
Circa 1900
Henry P. Lutz Grocery & Saloon
901 Frederick
Circa 1953
Five Corners Bar & Grill
901 Frederick
Demolished during Urban Renewal

Originally opened by Meaher & Gleason, this grocery business was purchased in 1900 by Henry P. Lutz
Henry Lutz, age 30, was born in St Joseph
It was one of the best known grocery and saloons in town
Lutz served only the best quality liquors and beers
He sold only imported fancy groceries
It was a 2 story brick building, 25 feet by 125 feet long
Mr Lutz occupied the lower floor and the basement
It later became the Five Corners Bar & Grill

Circa 1900
Pugh Brothers Coal & Wood
902 Frederick
Circa 1953
Manning's Grocery & Parking Lot
902 Frederick

Currently a new Taco Bell occupies this area

Circa 1900
Henry Lutz Fancy Groceries
903 Frederick
Circa 1953
Best-All Dry Cleaners
903 Frederick
Demolished during Urban Renewal

Best-All Cleaners can be seen on the lower left in this photo
All of the businesses in this photo are now gone
Notice that the Pony Express Statue has not yet been installed

Joseph Marshall Dentist
903½ Frederick
Demolished during Urban Renewal

1 2

Circa 1900
A. O. Haeglin Bakery
905 Frederick Avenue
Circa 1950
Model Supply Shop
905 Frederick Avenue
Demolished during Urban Renewal

Back in the 1950's, I used to buy my model airplanes here
Was one of the building demolished during Urban Renewal
Photo - 1955 Advertisement

Circa 1913
905 Frederick Avenue
Demolished during Urban Renewal

Schmidt Bakery had 2 locations

Circa 1900
George Acklam Harness Shop
906-908 Frederick
Demolished during Urban Renewal

Circa 1900
Arnold Imobersteg Saloon
907 Frederick
Circa 1953
Quality Sewing Machine Co
907 Frederick
Demolished during Urban Renewal

Pony Express Barber Shop
907 Frederick
Demolished during Urban Renewal

Circa 1900
Emma Jacobs Men's Furnishings
Circa 1930's
Circa 1953
909 Frederick Avenue
Demolished during Urban Renewal

In the early 1930's, Giuseppe "Joe" Manganaro moved his Italian grocery store from 807 Francis to 909 Frederick Avenue
By the early 1950's, Carl's Golden Glow beauty shop had occupied this location
Information submitted by Jeff Soto, Manganaro's great grandson

910 frederick

Circa 1930
Mellinger Tire & Rubber Company
910 Frederick
Demolished during Urban Renewal

Circa 1900
I. F. Trapp Meats
915 Frederick
Circa 1953
Ring Side Grill
915 Frederick
Demolished during Urban Renewal

Civic Center News Stand
917 Frederick
Demolished during Urban Renewal

This was a very little shop that was jammed from floor to ceiling with new & used magazines, books and newspapers. It was a neat place to browse

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Circa 2017
911 Frederick

New Yorker1 New Yorker2

Circa 1900
John Woolman Shoemaker
923 Frederick
Circa 1931
Reliable Tailors-Cleaners
923 Frederick
Circa 1953
New Yorker Cafe & Tavern
923 Frederick
Demolished during Urban Renewal

Once located at 923 Frederick
In later years, it moved to Faraon, between 9th & 10th streets, behind Manning's Market
Photo #2 - 1931 Reliable news press advertisement

1 2

Circa 1900
Walter Kennedy Hardware & Seeds
925 Frederick
Circa 1915
Zerbst Pharmacy
925 Frederick
Demolished during Urban Renewal

Circa 1940's
Pony Express Statue
Between 9th & 10th Streets

Looking north toward Frederick Avenue from Francis Street
Pony Express Statue visible


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10th to 11th & Frederick Avenue

Most buildings in these photos are now gone with Urban Renewal
The old YMCA can be seen at the far right side
The aerial photo was taken before Urban Renewal

Photo #1 - Pony Express Statue and a few buildings in the 900 block of Frederick
Photo #2 - A new Hardees now occupied this entire area
Photo #4 - YMCA and First Christian Church at 10th & Faraon
Photo #7 - Sammy's Drug Store - now a small park at this location
Photo #8 - Aerial view of the area
Photo #9 - Looking east on Frederick at 10th Street

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Circa 1946
1001 Frederick Avenue
Circa 1980's
1001 Frederick Avenue

There was an Art Deco sign on the southwest corner of the building and the combination of red and buff brick divides the building into segments. The building was enlarged in 1966 at which time the original show windows were bricked up.
Sam Freed was a long time pharmacist in the city, having worked for Herman Drug Company for a number of years before going into business for himself and building this building.
Sammy's Drug Store was once located at 10th & Frederick
At the time, it was one of the most popular in St Joseph
In the 1980's, it was purchased by St Joseph Plasma Center
When the Plasma Center closed, it sat empty for many years
The building was razed in 2014 and currently a parking lot

Circa 1960
Risler's Music Shop
1005 Frederick

Photo - 1960 St Joseph News Presss advertisement
No longer exists

Prompt Printing
1007 Frederick

Building no longer exists

Thorton Cash
1009½ Frederick

No longer exists

Circa 1955
Crescent Hotel & Bar Supply
1011 Frederick
Metro Enterprises Television
1011 Frederick

No longer exists

Pollock Model Shop
1011 Frederick

They also owned Pollock Refrigeration Service at the same location
In later years, Morris & Robert Pollock reopened a Model Shop at 10th & Sacramento
The brothers also had their refrigeration service at new Sacramento location
No longer exists

10th & Frederick1 10th & Frederick2

Conard Grocery
W. A. Moskau A-G
1013 Frederick Avenue

Raymond and Will Conard lived in St. Joseph between about 1912-1917
They owned and operated Conard Grocery at 1013 Frederick Avenue
W. A. Moskau A-G was known to be in operation at this address in 1926
The structure no longer exists

Photo #1 - Inside view of Conard Grocery
Photo #2 - Will Conard and Raymond Conard
Photos submitted by Gordy and Juanita Conard Larson

Circa 1893
Schall's Monument Works
1015 Frederick

No longer exists

Circa 1870's
The Civic Center Building
1019-1027 Frederick
Various Drug Stores
1019-1027 Frederick
John B. Ryan Butcher Shop
1019-1027 Frederick
Circa 1940
Roy M. Jackson Plumbing Company
1019-1027 Frederick
HFC Loans
1019-1027 Frederick
Bray Studio
1019-1027 Frederick

This building was apparently built in four different segments, but the building has been altered to the point that separate identities are difficult to prove. There is a combination of facade changes and alterations which disguise the original appearance of the building.
The earliest section of this building is that at the corner and was probably built in the 1870's William Grill, who was listed in City Directories as selling toys, notions fancy goods and operating a saloon. For over 60 years, this building was a drug store, although operated by a number of different firms.
The west two sections of the building were probably built in the mid-1880's by Frank Werst. Werst operated a saloon in an earlier building on this lot and was the owner of this part of the lot in the 1870s and 1880s.
HFC, Jackson Plumbing and Bray Photography studio were 3 known companies occupying this building
The building has been razed and now no longer exists

Circa 1963
1019½ Frederick

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Circa 1938
Bray Studio
9th & Frederick
1027 Frederick
H & R Block
Circa 1906
The Automoibile Club (AAA)
1027 Frederick

Bray Studio did all of Central High Yearbooks from 1958-1962
The business was sold to an employee, Ronald Fleckal
The building has been since remodeled and is currently occupied by H & R Block

Photo #1 - Mr Cecil Bray
Photo #2 - Bray's 1027 Frederick Avenue window
Photo #3 - Photo envelope showing address as 9th & Frederick, a previous address
Photo #4 - Photo envelope showing address as 9th & Frederick, a previous address

G. Keinle Bakery
Herman Drug Store #2
1021-1031 Frederick

Avenue Primary

Circa 1874-1877
Avenue Primary School
Frederick Avenue, between 10th & 11th

Circa 1874-1877
North Side Frederick, between 10th-11th Streets
Was located across from present City Hall


Circa 1940
Civic Center Park
11th & Frederick

1 2

Circa 1926-l927
St. Joseph City Hall & Civic Center Park
11th & Frederick

In the late l920's, there was a building boom in the city, at this time, the boulevard system was constructed, the Missouri Theater was erected and this building replaced an 188S City Hall in Market Square.
The architects were Edmund and George Eckel and Will Aldrick.
The Civic Center Park was a part of the George Burnap master plan for the City and the boulevard system.
The grounds were to contain a music hall and art gallery, but they were never completed.

Frederick Ave 11th-12th

Frederick Avenue
11th Street to 12th Street

Businesses between 11th & 12th on the north side of Frederick Avenue
Photo was submitted by Rodney Keyes

Circa 1940
Reliable Cleaners
1103 Frederick Avenue
A-1 Appliance Co
1101-1107 Frederick

1 2 3 4

Circa 1914
Diamond Motor Company
1102 Frederick Avenue
Circa 1932
Arnold Strong Motor Company
Authorized Dodge dealership
1102 Frederick Avenue
Circa 1950
Roys M. B. Motor Company
Authorized Dodge dealership
1102 Frederick Avenue
Circa 1966
Shockey Dodge - Plymouth Authorized Dealer
1102 Frederick Avenue
St Joseph Surgical Supply
1102 Frederick Avenue

Built in 1914 for the Diamond Motor Company
The building was enlarged in 1934 by the Arnold-Strong Motor company and in 1958 by the M.B. Roys Motor Company
The latter addition was concrete block
This building was built for one of the early automobile distributorships
Went through several ownership changes
For many years, it was the location of the Dodge and Dodge-Plymouth dealership
It has been the location of St. Joseph Surgical Supply since 1972
This was once the site of the first Nunning Brewery
From 1908 to 1917, this block was the location of the Airdome, a popular outdoor summer theater. It was the Airdome which attracted the Dubinsky Brothers (Durwood brothers) to St. Joseph in 1916. However, they stayed because of the availability of the Tootle theater
Photo #2 - 1950 St Joseph News Press advertisement
Photo #3 - 1966 St Joseph News Press advertisement Photo #4 - 1932 St Joseph News Press advertisement

Loss Shoe Repair
1105 Frederick

1 2

Circa 1900
Circa 1923
Circa 1955
1109 Frederick

Circa 1895
Frank Scalisi Building
1111 Frederick
F P Lee Cycle Company
1111 Frederick

Typical of the buildings along the length of Frederick Avenue
There is a shop on the first floor and residence on the second.
The building was probably built by Frank and Mary Eichenlaub, he was a barber and she was confectioner.
They purchased this lot in l895
The first owners of the lot were Henry & William Krug of the Krug meat processing industry

1 2

Circa 1900

The Long branch Tavern, 1113 Frederick, resides just west of Norty's Tavern
This building was built by Theodore Fowler back in 1900
Theodore Fowler was in the real estate business
His father was William Fowler, one of the very earliest of the settlers in the Platte Purchase
William Fowler was the proprietor of the first hotel in the fledgling city of St. Joseph
This building has previously been used as a restaurant during its long life

1 2
Circa 1880
The McNair Building
Fred Voss Tavern
Circa 1960
Modern Shade Shop
1115 Frederick

This building appears on the 1883 Sanborn map as a saloon. In 1881, the City Directory lists Fred Voss, early owner of this lot as a saloon keeper on the north side of Frederick between ll and 12th, later the saloon keepers at 1115 Frederick are Fred Hageman and Ferdinand Walter
Photo #2 - 1960 St Joseph News Press advertisement

Circa 1920
Producer's Oil Company
Acme Radiator Service
1116 Frederick

The building has a tile roof. The area which originally was the gasoline island has been closed-in
This building was constructed by Producer's Oil Company in 1920
This was the earliest gas station located Frederick and is of the decade which began the Automobile Age
Thus is representative of those first "service stations"
It was used as a filling station until World War II when it served as a used car lot for Roy's Motor Company
At the close of the War it was converted into the radiator shop and served as such for many years since that time
This block is the site of the first Nunning Brewery in the 19th Century and of the Airdome Summer Theater early in this century

1 2 3

Circa 1879
Circa 1879
Circa 1883
Circa 1889

Norty's Tavern currently sits to the right of the Long Branch
Norty's used to reside at 24th & Messanie until burned down
The 1883 Sanborn map shows this as a carpenter shop
It lists J.W. Wilson at 1117 as a carpenter
1879, Martin Amann, a cabinet maker, is listed on the north side of Frederick
By 1889, L.W. Bertram owned this building and ran a confectionery
Their residence was upstairs. The Bertram family owned the property until the 1920s
Photo #3 - 1949 St Joseph News Press advertisement

Circa 1896
1119 Frederick

This building was built by Dr. John Austin, whose residence was behind and to the east of this structure
Dr Austin, whose office had been in the Westheimer building further west on Frederick Avenue, moved his office to the second floor and rented the first floor to various businesses
Dr John Austin, a native of DePeyster, New York, was born in 1843 came to St Joseph after the Civil War
Dr Austin was one of St. Joseph's leading dentists

Circa 1879
Dr. John Austin' House
1123 Frederick

Dr. James Austin whose home this was as early as 1879, was one of the city's leading dentists in the latter part of the 19th Century, and the early part of the 20th Century.
His daughters, Florence, who was a teacher and Deedie Mae, who was a journalist, were two of the outstanding "career women" of the city during the first half of the century
This is the only remaining house fronting Frederick Avenue until past 26th Street
It sits back from the street about 250 feet

1 2 3

Circa 1913
Automobile Garage
1125 Frederick
Circa 1921
Robidoux Auto Company
1125 Frederick
Circa 1933
Willis-Lucas Cadillac
1125 Frederick
Till & Speaker Auto Works
1125 Frederick
Scanlan Motorcycles
1125 Frederick

This building was constructed in 1913 as an automobile garage.
The earliest tenants were auto supply firms.
From 1933 to 1942, this building was occupied by Willis,Lucas Cadillac Company.
Lawrence Lucas had secured the Cadillac dealership in 1918 from the Robinson Motor Company.
Mr. Lucas's son Stan was the Cadillac dealer in St. Joseph
Scanlan's Motorcycle firm is of interest because they followed a pattern similar to many Frederick Avenue merchants.
This is one of three Avenue locations of the firm.
From 1926 to 1932, the firm was at 1928-1930 Frederick, and from 1956 to 1972, they were located at 1316 Frederick.

1 2 3 4

Circa 1889
The Ryan Block
John B. Ryan Meat Market
H & S Market
Frank's Market
Hafner Hy-Klas #16
Al's Market
Steven's Cleaners
1137-1139-1141 Frederick

There was an oriole at the southeast corner of the building. This structure originally had a conical tower. The first floor had a cast metal store front and there is a raised brick string course between the first and second floors. There was pattern bond brick detailing between the second and third floors. The windows had stone lugoills and radiating voussoir window headers
This building was built by John B. Ryan who was a butcher with a butcher shop at 1027 Frederick
After construction, John B. Ryan moved his meat market into the west section and leased the other store front to a grocer. There have been many tenants throughout the years, many of them being food stores.
The apartments were lived in by the merchants who occupied the store fronts. The Greenes occupy an apartment on the second floor of their section of the building, the rest of the upper floors are now vacant.
The building is currently being restored by someone
Photo #3 submitted by Rodney Keyes


Circa 1928
1201 Frederick Avenue

Circa 1913
12th & Frederick Avenue

Looking west from 12th & Frederick Avenue

1 2

Circa 1906, 1909, 1916
Morgan Building
Birkes Building
Filter Queen
Circa 1951
Cook Gas, Plumbing & Heating Supply
1201-1209 Frederick

This building was probably built in three sections by Eljah M. Birkes, beginning in 1906.
Building permits show probable additions in 1909 and 1916.
Birkes was the early owner and continued ownership until the 1930's.
At the turn of the century, Birkes was involved in real estate, with an office in the German American Bank Building
Photo #2 - 1951 St Joseph News Paper advertisement

1 2 3

Circa 1899
William Berndt Furniture store
Circa 1940's
Hartsock Osteopathic Hospital
Flinchpaugh's Pet Shop
1202 Frederick Avenue

As early as 1877, William Berndt is shown as living on this tract of land. By 1899, the City Directory lists William Berndt, Furniture, 1202 Frederick, residence same. In the 1940's, this was the Hartsock Osteopathic Hospital.
If you look closely at photo #3, you can see a CAFE sign on the front
The structure is gone, a parking lot only remains

Reynolds Boats & Motors
1206 Frederick

1 2 3 4

Circa 1888
Frederick Avenue Apartments
Kelly Flats
Samuel Lima Furnished Rooms
Verdie Robertson Furnished Rooms
1208-1210-1212 Frederick Avenue

These town houses were built by Charles Kelly who was a partner in the real estate firm of Andrews and Kelly.
He occupied the center section when the flats were first built.
For a number of years, these were occupied by professionals, some of whom combined their offices with their residences.
Before and after restoration photos - excellent restoration of both
Although not visible from the street, these buildings have 3 stories

Avenue Primary

Circa 1868-1869
Avenue Primary School
1209 Frederick Avenue

Circa 1868-1869
1209 Frederick Avenue
The school was located in the 2nd story
The 2nd story has been removed

Circa 1889
Browne Flats
Samuel Lima Home
1214-1216 Frederick

These town houses were erected by Francis Browne, who was an officer of Nave-McCord Wholesale Grocers.
A native of Ireland he came to the United States in 1851, and to St. Joseph in 1857.
In early directories this tract is shown as his residence, but by time he constructed this building, he had built a mansion
Francis Browne was a major benefactor of the Convent of the Sacrate Heart.

1 2

Circa 1909
WYCO Car Company
Circa 1917
Grant Motor Company
Electronic Business Equipment
1219 Frederick

From the time it was constructed, until about 1940, this was the location of a number of different auto dealerships and or auto supply and repair shops, including the WYCO Car Company which was the automotive outlet of the Wyeth Hardware Company.
Early listings show Houston Wyeth as president of both concerns.
In the 1940's, it was the location of Harry Korns Electric Company.
Photo #2 - 1917 St Joseph News Press advertisement

1 2

Circa 1922
Foster-Hall Tire Company
1217-1225 Frederick
Circa 1931
Johnson Auto Sales
1217-1225 Frederick
Motor Parts & Equipment Co
1217-1225 Frederick

On August 13, 1926, a radio license was issued to J.B. Abercrombie for the call letters KGBX. This was the second license issued to Abercrombie who had received the first one in St. Joseph in 1922. The studio of this radio station was in this building which was then the - Foster-Hall Tire Company.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

Circa 1915
Farmer Automotive Company
1224-1226 Frederick Avenue
Circa 1917
Lawler Motor Company
1224-1226 Frederick Avenue
Circa 1917-1928
Ford Motor Car Authorized Dealerhip
13th & Frederick Avenue
Circa 1924
Frahm Motor Company
13th & Frederick Avenue
Circa 1931
Gray Brothers Tire & Battery Co.
13th & Frederick
Circa 1936
Kagey, Inc.
Authorized Hudson Dealership
13th & Frederick Avenue
Circa 1940
Lewis-Nash Motor Company
Authorized Nash Dealership
13th & Frederick Avenue
Midland Empire Sales & Service
1224-1226 Frederick Avenue

After a brief one-year period housing the Farmer Automotive Company, the Lawler Motor Company occupied the building and operated as the city's exclusive Ford dealership from 1917 to 1928

As the popularity and availability of automobiles greatly increased, so did the need for spaces to display and service these large machines

By 1930, Lawler Motor Company joined forces with the Grant Motor Company, authorized Lincoln dealers, and moved to a larger building at 1002 Francis

The Lawler used car department still operated across the street at 1217 Frederick venue

The period of significance, 1913-1941, reflects the date of construction and the date when the building ceased to be in continuous use in connection with the automotive industry, Michael P. Lawler was the owner or Lawler Automotive

The Ford Motor Company was founded by Henry Ford on June 16, 1903
Photo #1 - 1915 St Joseph News-Press Ford advertisement
Photo #2 - 1915 Ford 5 passenger Prototype C coupelet automobile
Photo #3 - 1915 Ford 5 passenger touring car - Price $530 FOB Detroit
Photo #4 - Current rear view of the Lawler Motor Company building
Photo #5 - 1921 St Joseph News Press advertisement
Photo #6 - empty 13th & Frederick building
Photo #7 - 1224 Frederick - Midland building
Photo #9 - 1936 St Joseph News Press advertisement
Photo #10 - 1936 Hudson model Terraplane automobile convertible
Photo #11 - 1924 St Joseph News Press advertisement
Photo #12 - 1924 Touring Hupmobile
Photo #13 - 1940 St Joseph News Press advertisement


13th & Frederick

Wholesale Auto Supplies

Circa 1946
13th & Frederick

Photo - 1946 St Joseph News Press advertisement

Circa 1926
Bardahl Oil Company
Circa 1954
Virgil's Texaco Service Station
1301 Frederick

This prefinished design is an example of standardization to achieve lower costs and establish a product image.
The use of continuous light weight glass walls and enameled metal infill panels, is common to hundreds of such units built in modern days
This corner has been occupied by a filling station since 1926, when a Bardahl Oil Company facility was erected here.
In 1954, the home of Louise Bansbach was demolished on lots 5 and 6 and this modern service station was constructed.

Bozarth1 Bozarth2

Bozarth Texaco
1301 Frederick Avenue

1301 Frederick Avenue
The last owner of this full service station was Mike Bozarth
In the 1960's, his father, CJ Bozarth, operated the Bonus Isle station at 26th & Messanie just east of Kwik Carry Out
Photo submitted by Rodney Keyes

Consolidated Motors
1301 Frederick

1 2

Circa 1909
Farmer Auto Supply
Ayers Auto Supply Co
1302 Frederick

This building was constructed by Fred Roth who is listed in City Directories as a contractor. His residence was also on this site.
The importance of Frederick Avenue as an "Automobile Row" is reflected in the fact that this was the home of a major auto supply firm for over 10 years

Ayers Auto Supply Co
1306 Frederick

Circa 1933
St. Joseph Monument Company
1308 Frederick

This is an early filling station reflective of the early days of the automobile age when this type of facility first became popular.
King Hill Oil Company was owned by Rufus Limpp, his first station was at the corner of King Hill and East Lake.
Later he was involved in several businesses in King City, MO and was a major benefactor of South Gentry County

Ward Service Station & Ward Motor Company
1308 Frederick

1 2 3

Circa 1935
Breon Motor Company
1316 Frederick Avenue
Circa 1940
Cooper-Day Motors Inc
Authorized Chrysler-Plymouth Dealer
Lucas-Fredlake Cadillac
Authorized Cadillac Dealer
1316 Frederick Avenue
Scanlan Motorcycles
Gray Manufacturing
1316 Frederick Avenue

This building was constructed for Breon Motor Company, a Chrysler-Plymouth dealer and remained such until it was occupied by the Lucas-Fredlake Cadillac dealership in 1956
Gray Manufacturing markets pneumatic automobile jacks, so that this building is still part of the auto industry

Circa 1952
Lucas Pontiac-Cadillac Used Cars
Clint Coons Pontiac Used Cars
1317 Frederick

This used car lot is significant in that it reflects the importance of the automotive industry on the development of Frederick Avenue.
The location also has significance in that it was the site of the home of Zeilda Forsee, widow of one of St. Joseph's most important early physicians and sister-in-law of John Corby

1 2

Circa 1920
Tethrow Brothers Auto
Kindred & Burke Motors
B and B Used Cars
1320 Frederick

Tethrow Brothers began their business as blacksmiths and welders.
Like many other Frederick Avenue merchants this is one of several addresses occupied by the firm.
With the coming of the automotive age they went into the auto parts and repair business
They built this structure for their business.
Photo #2 taken in 2015 by Rodney Keyes

1 2

Circa 1966
Champlin Self Service Gas Station
Woody's E-Z Mart Convenience Store
1334 Frederick

This station was originally built by Champlin as a full service station with attached garage for minor automotive repairs.
It was converted into self service, reflecting a nation wide change in gasoline merchandising.
It currently is Woody's E-Z Mart

Cooper-Day Motors
1328-1338 Frederick


Circa late 1800's
St Joseph Lumber Company
Circa 1960
St Joseph Lumber Company
1401 Frederick

Circa 1966
One-Hour Cleaners
Mister Hobbs Formal Wear
1401 Frederick

From the late 1800's until the 1960s, this was the location of the St. Joseph Lumber Company.
This building was built for the One-Hour Cleaner's.

Circa 1970
Deluxe Cleaners
14th & Frederick

Circa 1894
Schall's Monument Works
Virgil Abbett Floor Coverings
Paul's Outlet Store
1405 Frederick

Charles Schall, a native of Canada, came to St. Joseph in 1871.
He was a marble cutter and monument maker.
He was first located at 1015 Frederick.
In 1894, he built this building to house his monument business.
His residence was on the second floor.
The monument business remained here until the 1940s.
The building was later occupied by the adjacent lumber company
Paul Block later owned the building

Dan Myers Motors
1407-1409 Frederick

Circa 1928
Casper Tire Service
1411-1413 Frederick

Circa 1962
Church's Chicken
1413 Frederick

For a number of years this was the location of the Avenue Carriage Works, but had been vacant before this construction

Circa 1883
James Flannery Saloon
Kley and Schotts Tavern
Schott Tavern
1415 Frederick

As early as 1883, James Flannery kept a saloon/grocery store on this corner.
From that time until the present, except for the prohibition years, this has been a Neighborhood watering hole.
In the early part of the century, this tavern was owned by the Goetz Brewing Company and leased it to various saloon keepers.


Circa 1913
1501 Frederick

This was a short lived theater. 1501 Frederick is shown on the 1911 Map as being on the northeast corner of 16th & Frederick. A garage supposedly existed on the lot. The theater must have been built where this garage was and then later torn down. A building with a 1601 address currently occupies the lot

F C Reck & Co Upholstery
1502-1504 Frederick

Newkirk Safety Window Platform
1502-1504 Frederick

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Circa 1935
Thames Motor Company
1502-1508 Frederick
Circa 1940
Miller Oldsmobile Company
Autorized Oldsmobile Dealer
1502-1508 Frederick
Circa 1947
Twentieth 20th Century Motors
Autorized Oldsmobile Dealer
1502-1508 Frederick
Lasker Olds
1502-1508 Frederick
Autorized Oldsmobile Dealer
Dishon Tires
1502-1508 Frederick

This building was built for the automobile dealership of Hal Thames.
Thames had earlier been at 1925 Frederick.
In addition to his business as an Auburn and Ford automobile dealer, Thames was the originator of a successful Girl's softball competition in this area beginning in the early 193Os.
His team was State Champion for at least four years.
In 1932 or 1933 he built Thames Stadium for his team and their league
In 1947, 20th Century Motors was at this address
In later years it became Lasker Olds
The office & showroom was located at 1502 Frederick Avenue
Their used car lot was located at 1516-1526 Frederick Avenue
In 1939 and 1940, The St. Joseph Saints of the Western Association (men's professional baseball) played in Thames Stadium.
Thames was also President of the baseball team in 1940.
The need for the stadium diminished with the construction of the St. Joseph City Stadium (which has since been named for former Mayor Phil J. Welch.) and the Thames Stadium was demolished prior to 1946.
The Missouri State Highway Patrol Office was constructed on the old stadium site.
The automobile dealership had changed hands, by 1940, with the Miller family having an Oldsmobile dealership at the Frederick Avenue location.
For over 20 years this building housed the Oldsmobile franchise.
Photo #6 - Hal J. Thames in 1940
Photo #7 - November 1939, Miller moved to new location

Circa 1970
Interstate Oil Company
1522 Frederick

This was the first station built as a self service operation, to be located on Frederick Avenue.
Until World War II, this was still primarily a residential block.

20th Century Motors
Lasker Olds
1516-1526 Frederick

This was a used car lot on the south side of Frederick Avenue
At one time there was a small gas station at this location but returned to being a used car lot many times since
Photo #2 - 1953 20th Century advertisement


There have been so many tenants in 1601 Frederick, there are 2 entries

1 2 3 4

Circa 1860
Westpheling Grocery
1601 Frederick
Circa 1944
Chatham Furnace and Air Conditioning
1601 Frederick
Rag-Don Corporation
1601 Frederick
Smokerz Outlet
1601 Frederick

This is one of the oldest extant buildings on the Avenue.
It or one very like it appears in the 1868 lithograph of St. Joseph and the 1868 City Directory shows F. Westpheling, grocer at this location.
It was a grocery store until the second decade of this century when it became an auto repair garage.
Since then there have been a variety of tenants.
Photo #3 - 1944 St Joseph News Press advertisement

1 2 3 4 5 6

Circa 1891/1893
Peter Alders Saloon w/John Sebus
Brunner Home Furnace Company
Smokerz Outlet
1601 Frederick

Peter Heinrich Alders, born on March 3,1854 in Herman, MO.
Peter Alders died on March 28,1920 in St Joseph
On Oct 2,1888, Peter married Regina Mary Carolus at the St Joseph Immaculate Conception Church
1900 & 1910 Census lists Peter as being a retail liquor Saloon dealer
Peter was a member of the Pocahontas tribe of Red Men
Photo #3 - Peter Alders photo
Peter was buried in Mount Auburn Cemetery
John Sebus, was Peter's partner & cousin.
John was born on June 24, 1856 in Weston, MO.
John Sebus married Christina Thinnes on June 3,1879.
Christina died in 1940 in St Joseph
John Sebus died on January 13,1939 in St Joseph
In the summer of 1879, John engaged with Mr. Danckmeyer at the OLD NARROW GARAGE, 6th & Messanie and 2nd & Robidoux
In 1891, John Sebus & Peter H. Alders opened & operated Alders Saloon at 1601 Frederick
From 1883 until 1919, John Sebus & Peter H. Alders operated the Eagle Bar & Restaurant, 1216 South 6th

Apartment House (4 tenants)
1601½ Frederick

Circa 1929
Henry Whitman Tire Shop
Harrison Plumbing
State Farm Insurance Agency
1602 Frederick

This building which was originally two-stories, was remodeled in 1929 by Henry Whitman for use as a tire store.
It remained a tire store until World War II.
Since then it has had varied uses, including as a portion of the Harry Korns electrical company.

Circa 1927
Norris Building
Norris Drug Store Warehouse
H&R Block Tax Service
1603 Frederick

This building was erected by James M. Norris in 1927 as an addition to his drug store on the east side
Immediately before it became vacant it was the location of the H & R Block Income Tax Service.

Apartments (3)
1603½ Frederick

1 2 3 4

Circa 1899
Seaman and Schuske
Karrasch Electric
Harry Korns Electric Company
Welsh Plumbing & Heating
1604 Frederick

This building was built by the Seaman Schuske firm on the site of Charles H. Seaman's home.
He was the son of Charles Seaman, a native of England who had begun a tin shop on the north side of the Avenue in 1870.
While living at this location, and before going into business with Schuske, Seaman had built his tin and cornice shop on the rear
This was the location of this firm until they built across the street at 1611 Frederick in 1914.
This has also been the location of the Karrasch Electrical Company and the Harry Korns Electric Company, both companies are major electrical contractors of the city
Would later become Ragdon
Photo #2 - 1899 Advertisement

1 2

Circa 1890
Hagemann Saloon
Willman Medical Company
Norris Drugs
Chet's Barber Shop
1605 Frederick

This building was constructed by Frederick Hagermann, a saloon keeper who was the first occupant.
A later occupant was Reinhold Willman, a physician who also sold patent medicines
In 1913, it became a Norris Drug Store.
James N. Norris opened his first St. Joseph drug Store on Good Friday, April 13, 1906 at 1608 Frederick
The drug store moved across the street five years later.
This was the parent store of what eventually became a local chain of stores, the last of which, located at 2601 Frederick was sold by the Norris sons, Lee and J. Doyle in 1968.
J. Doyle Norris served on the State Board of Pharmacy for 16 years.
For many years, the Norris family lived in the upstairs apartment.
In later years, it became Chet's Barber Shop

Mrs Emma Norris
1605½ Frederick

Mrs Norris lived above the pharmacy

1 2 3

Circa 1899
Seaman and Schuske Sheet Metal Works
1604 Frederick Avenue
Hodson Cleaners
1606 Frederick Avenue

In 1899 Charles Seaman and his son, a partner in the firm of Seaman and Schuske, constructed this two-story brick building with an elaborate cast metal storefront in 1899
Photo #3 - 1899 Advertisement

Circa 1892
Columbia Bakery
Cunliffe and Hines Grocers
Hodson Cleaners
1606 Frederick Avenue

This building was built by Frank Erath as the location of his Columbia Bakery.
Erath had been in business across the street for a number of years in the old Muchenberger building.
Following its use as a bakery, it became a grocery store and has been the site of a cleaning shop since the early 1930s.

Circa 1892
Shirley's Beauty Shop
Chet's Barber Shop
Dyna-Mag Inc.
1607-1609 Frederick Avenue

This building was built by Thomas Banniford (Bamford) who was a tobacconist and confectioner.
By 1895 the tenancy had changed and changes were frequent in the early years.
There have been such divergent uses, as a creamery and a machinist.

Lee Riley 2nd Hand Furniture
1608-1610 Frederick

Cheryl's Quilting Shop
1608 Frederick

Jesse Lizar Barber Shop
1609 Frederick

1 2

Circa 1914
Seaman and Schuske Metal Work
Moore's Welding Supplies
Ken Smith Body Shop
1611 Frederick

This building is built on the site of the Dandurant home.
John Dandurant was listed at this location in the 1868 Directory, as was his son Dr. Louis Dandurant in the 1898 Directory.
In 1914, this building was erected and occupied by the Seaman Schuske Metal Works.
This firm was founded in 1870 by Charles Seaman, in this same block

Griffith's Used Cars
1612 Frederick

1 2 3 4

Circa 1889
Christian Sachau Saloon
American-Gertsch Glass Inc.
American Mirror & Plate Glass
1613-1615 Frederick

This building was constructed by Christian Sachau, who operated a saloon in the east section of the building and lived upstairs.
Sachau also was the proprietor of a bakery in a building to the east of this one.
In the early years of the century, Fannie Cliff who was also a German teacher operated a feed store in the west
The Gertsch firm has occupied the building since before the First World War.

Circa 1963
Kwiki Car Wash
1614-1622 Frederick

This was one of the earlier self-service car washes built in the city
Before their demolition, this was the location of three homes, all of which at one time were owned and occupied by members of the Seaman family.

1 2 3 4

Circa 1908
Muchenberger Garage
1617-1621 Frederick
Quinn Brace Company
1617-1621 Frederick
Roderick Neon Sign Company
1617-1621 Frederick

This is actually two buildings which have been tied together.
The small shop on the west where Quinn Brace was, may well have been here before the garage was built in 1908.
There is a cast metal pediment and cornice which are actually a Boomtown feature.
Other facade details have been obscured by imitation stone sheathing.
This building is on a tract of land known as the Muchenberger tract which reflects the early and long ownership of this property by a single family.
In 1875, Leo Muchenberger is listed as a baker on the north side of Frederick between 15th and 16th Streets.
Muchenberger was a native of Germany, born in the_l830's who came to the United States after the Civil War.
His eldest son Leo J. became the President of the Muchenberger Wallpaper and Paint Company in St. Joseph and in 1929, donated his warehouse at 5th and Sycamore to the City of St. Joseph as a recreation center.
This center is no longer in active use and is still owned by the Parks and Recreation Department
John Muchenberger who built this garage and later operated it was the second son of Leo, (the baker).
The Muchenbergers family also operated the Columbia House Hotel on this location in the 1880s and 1890s.
The small shop on the west was the location of a barber shop operated by Joseph Frank, both before and after the construction of the garage.

Dancer Tile Company
1617 Frederick

Bee's Lunch
1620 Frederick

Tetherow Brothers Platers
1623 Frederick

Circa 1880
Lydia Mercer Notions
Ozenbergers Outlet Store
Miller Lawn mower & Saw Shop
1624 Frederick

This building is designated on the 1883 Sanborn map of Frederick Avenue.
No tenant has been located here before 1886.
Lydia Mercer was there in 1886 and operated a notion store.
This is of interest because there were a number of dressmakers and milliners in this section of the Avenue at that time.
Later tenants have been of a wide variety.

Circa 1949
B E Long Contracting
1625 Frederick

Photo - 1949 St Joseph News Press advertisement

Circa 1870
Charles Seaman Store and residence
Ozenberger Outlet Store
Acme Appliance Shop
1626 Frederick

The first floor has been somewhat altered, with concrete blocks having been put in under the window level.
In 1870, Charles Seaman, a native of Birmingham, England started a stove and tinwear shop on the north side of the street in this block.
This small stove and tin shop has grown into one of the industrial giants of St Joseph, Seaman and Schuske Metal Works Company
Seaman and Schuske are still major stockholders of the company
By 1883, Seaman's oldest son Charles H. had joined the business and Seaman moved across the Avenue.
The tin shop was in the rear of this lot and Seaman was operating a General Store.
The Seaman family occupied this building and several others in this block in the 1890s.
In approximately 1890, Charles H. moved the business to the rear of his home at 1604 Frederick
Charles maintained his store until his death.
Later tenants of this building were J.R. and Hattie Ward, who are later found on the north side of the street one block east.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Circa 1895
Circa 1966
1629 Frederick Avenue

The building permit for this building lists "D. McDonald" as the grantee.
This was probably Dr. Daniel McDonald, son of Dr. Silas and Sarah Donnell McDonald.
Daniel married Anne Cribbs Landis, daughter of Israel Landis.
Although a graduate of medical school, Daniel never practiced, but was a hanker, lumberman and a partner in the wholesale dry goods firm of Kemper Hundley and McDonald.
Daniel's son was a dentist and his grandson and great-grandson are doctors in the city of St. Joseph.
One of the earliest tenants was Thomas Farthing who had commenced his dry goods business in the building to the east of this and after the completion of this building, moved his business and residence here.
Two of Thomas Farthing's daughters, Isabelle and Ethel, were prominent in their own right.
Isabelle was a business woman and Ethel was an elementary educator
In 1921, this was Stout & Pumphrey Grocery
A barber shop can be seen in the left side of photo #5
The newly remodeled building is the Frederick Inn
Evidently, this was Marc's Place at one time
It later became Orval's, then the Carriage House and finally Frederick Inn
A fine steak house with great fried chicken, salad bar and a tavern in another section of the building
In 2013, Frederick Inn voluntarily became a non-smoking establishment
On February 24, 2015 the Frederick Inn was sold to Amber and Jeffery McKnight III
Photo #7 - 1966 St Joseph News Press advertisement

1 2 3

Circa 1920
G. H. Prinz Tire Shop
Reliable Radiator Shop
il Lazzarone Napolitan Pizzaria
1628 Frederick

This building was constructed in 1920 by August "Gus" Prinz.
Prinz was the son of Peter Prinz, an early day barber and first foreman of the Volunteer Fire Department.
Gus's brother, Edward operated the Prinz School of Dance for Young Ladies and Gentlemen for fifty years.
Edward Prinz's son was Leroy, the Broadway and Hollywood impressario
Gus moved his tire store next door to the east in the early 1930's
Reliable Radiator was in this building for many years
In 2014, il Lazzarone Napolitan Pizzaria opened for business in this location

Circa 1920
Voorhies Garage
Prinz Tire Shop
Shaeffer News Service
Palmer News Service
1630 Frederick

Facade details have been covered with pre-finished panels.
Garage door has been filled in with windows and a single leaf door
This building was erected by A.C. Voorhies as an auto repair garage.
During the 1930s and into the 1940s, this was the location of Gus Prinz's Tire shop.
Since that time, it has been a wholesale news service.

Marvin's Food Mart
1631 Frederick

Circa 1906-1912
A feed store
Various Auto sales
Various Repair garages
Roderick Sign
Polsky Body Shop
1632 Frederick

This building was built as rental property by Dr. Daniel Morton, prominent physician of the day and partner of John McDonald who was the son of Silas
Earliest tenant was probably a feed store.
After the building was enlarged in 1912, tenants were a variety of auto sales agencies and repair garages.
In the 1940s, Roderick Neon sign company was located in this building

Kirby Company
1633 Frederick

Circa 1929
1635 Frederick Avenue

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

Circa 1887
Welch Heating and Plumbing
Circa 1955
Players Cocktail Lounge
Frederick Inn & Parking Lot
1631-1635 Frederick Avenue

The entire building had been painted yellow.
The first floor facade has had the windows closed up and doors boarded up so that it is difficult to tell what the original features might have been.
Second floor windows have stone lug sills and segmental window headers with keystone.
Above what would have been the doorways to the stores at 1631 and 1631 there are door hoods which are at the same level as a dentil stringcourse.
Each segment of the building is separated from the other by a pilaster which simulates quoin's.
The cornice of coffered brick has dentil trim and brick medallions beneath
The early city directories list this corner as the location of the Avenue House, a boarding hotel.
This business block was built prior to 1888 possibly by Issac Brady who was the owner of the Avenue House.
One of the earlier tenants was Thomas Farthing who operated a dry goods store in the west section and lived upstairs.
It would appear that the cast metal oriole is an addition to the building.
Other tenants have been grocers, a hardware store, a marble and tile company and a plumbing and heating firm.
It had been a night club since the mid-1950's
In 1949, this was Welch Heating and Plumbing
In 1953 it was listed as the Players Cocktail Lounge which offered cocktails and dancing with live music
In later years, the Players Cocktail Lounge became a night club with strippers
Some time after 1985, after sitting empty for years, the property was purchased by Dave Polsky and was immediately torn down
The empty lot now serves as a parking lot for Frederick Inn

Photo #1 - The Players Lounge when it was open for business
Photo #2 - The new parking for the Frederick Inn restaurant
Photo #3 - Photo of the Frederick Inn west of the Players lot
Photo #4 - Newspaper advertisement
Photo #5 - Sign on outside front wall
Photo #6 - Sign on outside front wall
Photo #7 - Player's Marquee
Photo #8 - Player's Cocktail Lounge
Photo #11 - 1955 St Joseph News Press advertisement

Pete Shuler Body Shop
1636 Frederick


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Circa 1929 & 1967
Goodrich Silvertown Inc
Packard St. Joseph Motors
Delmark Tire Company
Firestone and General Tire
1700 Frederick Avenue

This building was the corporate design of the Goodrich Tire Company.
The northwest portion of the building is entirely large show windows with fixed transom above.
This section has a low hip roof of asbestos.
The garage section has two Spanish Mission pediments of stucco with tile barageboard between the two.
A contemporary garage addition was constructed at the northeast of the lot in 1967.
In the 1879's, this was for a brief period, the location of the City County Hospital.
In about 1895, J.W. Lehr opened his carpenter shop on this corner.
This carpenter shop grew into a planing mill.
In 1929, the Lehr Contractors moved to their present location farther east on the Avenue.
Lehr is today one of the major contracting firms in the city.
For a period of about ten years following World War II, this building was in use as a Packard Auto agency and then as a Buick agency.
By 1957, it had returned to use as a tire dealership and service garage
Delmark Tire is still in business at this location
This once was a Packard Automobile Dealership
It also both sold Firestone & General Tires
Jim Coffey was president in the 1040's-1950's
Mr Coffey relocated to St. Louis in 1955
They no longer sell gasoline and some building modifications have been made
Photo #1 - Delmark Tire as it looked in the 1920's
Photos #2-4 as the building looks currently
I received an email & photos from Bob Turpin (his uncle once owned it):
Photo #5 - April 1947 News-Press article Packard sales at 1700 Frederick
Photo #6 - 1951 clipping shows Jim Coffey as president of the Packard dealership
Photo #7 - 1978 Jim Coffey obituary; Packard dealership and General Tire
Photo #8 - 1952 clipping about an elephant & the Packard dealership
Photo #9 - WWII clipping indicating Jim Coffey was selling Firestone tires

St Joseph Packard Motors
1700 Frederick

The 1953 city directory listed this address for St Joseph Packard Motors
This building has always been and still is Delmark Tire company in 2015
St Joseph Packard had a dealership here. Delmark Tire was owned by Packard Company


1 2 3 4

Circa 1950
Dill-Wood Motor Company
Polsky Lincoln-Mercury Dealership
ACME Music & Vending
1701 Frederick

As early as 1868, the Carolus family was living and operating businesses on this plot of land.
In that year, George Carolus operated a saloon on the corner.
It remained a saloon until prohibition.
Immediately, before this building was built, there was a Coryell Service station built on the corner.
F.S. Dillingham and Willis Weodman who had a Buick agency in the 1800 block of the Avenue since the mid-1960's, had this building constructed for their Dill-Wood Motor Company in 1950
ACME Music & Vending has been in St. Joseph for over sixty years
ACME was originally located at 14th Olive Street

ACME provides a full line of Amusement, Vending, and Office Coffee services to local and out of state businesses, bars, manufacturing plants, bowling centers, schools, and many other types of facilities

On a personal note, I purchased a high quality pool table from ACME a couple years ago, they had the best price I could find in a 100 mile radius, plus they delivered and set up the pool table in my home free of charge. In my opinion, a great company to deal with

For those interested, they have a website: Click Here

Polsky Lincoln-Mercury
1701 Frederick Avenue

Casey Meyers was the owner
Photo: 1988 Mercury Advertisement

Dill-Wood Motor Company
(Used Car Lot)
1711 Frederick

1715 Frederick Avenue

Building no longer exists

Circa 1970
Van Vickle Monuments
1717 Frederick

This area was the location of at least one Carolus home and one which belonged to a Grassloff family who were barbers in this block.
Lee Van Vickle - Proprietor

Circa 1880
Hickman's Barber Shop
1721 Frederick

There is a building at this location on the 1883 Sanborn map and there was a barber in this block at that time.
Fred Grassloff, barber lived at 1617 (1717) for most of the last half of the 19th Century.
Before it became vacant this building was used as a barber shop.

Pete the Tailor
1723 Frederick

Circa 1895
Dodderer And Eberhardt Shoe Company
Sollars Rexall Drugs
1723 Frederick

Before this building was constructed this was the location of the blacksmith shop of F.A. Steussi.
In 1895, Louis Eberhardt, a native of Wertenberg, born 1854, constructed this building.
The first tenant was the Dodderer and Eberhardt shoe store.
A later tenant was Oscar Eger, milliner.
For a number of years, there were tenants associated with the auto industry.
In the late 1950s, the Sollars Drug Store expanded into this space.
This building was razed on April 16, 1985

1 2 3

Circa 1886
Burvenich Pharmacy
Sollar's Rexall Drug
1723-1727 Frederick

This building and the adjacent one were built by Louis Eberhardt
Eberhardt was a sausage maker who lived and ran his business at the Southwest corner of 18th and Calhoun
The first tenants were the Frederick Avenue Drug Store and Avenue Bakery.
The manager of the Avenue Drug Store was A. Burvenich Jr. and his brother Anton
The cornice frieze was an ornate pattern of laid brick.
The stone and brick pediments had the date 1886 on them.
The 18th Street facade is only slightly less ornate.
This building was razed on April 16, 1985
The building now gone, it is currently a parking lot


Circa 1932
G.V. Koch Drugstore
1825 Colhoun
Shir1ey's Beauty Shop
1825 Colhoun

The building was erected in 1932 by Gerard Koch for use as his residence and drug store.
Gerald Koch, who had been at 1832 Frederick since before the turn of the Century, was one of three brothers, all of whom were druggists.
The Koch brothers and their parents were residents of Clinton, Louisiana.
Mrs. C.A. Pfeiffer, their elder half sister, sent money to the three Koch brothers,(John, Gerard and J.M.) to come to St. Joseph when they had a chance for a better education.
After finishing school, the boys apprenticed at the drug store of their elder half brother, C.A. Koch, in Maryville, Missouri.
Following their apprenticeship, they returned to St. Joseph and each operated his own store.



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