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Circa 1931
The Belt Highway is created

Photo #1 - 1931 Sept 13 - St Joseph News Press photo of the new Super Highway (Belt Highway)
Photo #2 - 1931 Sept 13 - St Joseph News Press description of the photo

Circa 1990
North Belt Highway & Ashland Avenue

1990 photograph of aerial view of where Ashland Avenue meets the Belt Highway

Circa 1959
North Belt Highway & Frederick Avenue

The city limits had just been extended to the Belt Highway in 1959 due to annexation
In 1959, 10,000 cars per day passed through this intersection
This aerial view shows the US Highway 36 (Frederick Avenue) and US Highway 71 (Belt Highway) intersection looking eastward

Circa 1963
North Belt Highway & Frederick Avenue

This aerial view shows the US Highway 36 (Frederick Avenue) and US Highway 71 (Belt Highway) intersection looking south

North Belt Highway & North US 169 Exit

This aerial view shows the US Highway 71 (Which is now also called the Belt Highway), "Y" Motel, Missouri Highway Department building, Missouri Highway Patrol & the US 169 exit

Circa 1950's
Old US 36 Highway

Aerial view of the old US 36 Highway a short distance from the North Belt Highway
US 36 highway has now been renamed to US 6
Flinchpaugh's Reptile Gardens and a couple gas stations are visible in the photo, it was located a short distance east of the US 71 and US 36 intersection
The water tower on North US 71 (North Belt Highway) is also visible in the distance


Prior to the 1960's, people traveling on US 36 East from the Kansas side usually traveled through downtown St Joseph on US 36 Business Route
After zig zagging through town to Frederick Avenue, they would continue east on Frederick Avenue to the Highway 71 Junction
(Of course, if they knew their way through St Joseph, they could also take Messanie or Mitchell Avenue to Highway 71)
Once at US 71, if they wanted to go to Kansas City or Savannah, they could take Highway 71 at the junction of US 71 & US 36
If they continued east on old US 36, a two lane highway with many hills and curves (10 mile curve was a doozy) they would end up at US 31 about 13 miles away. You would turn south and US 36 East continued about 1/4 mile south of this junction
As the city expanded, this area became better known as Frederick Avenue and the highway was renamed to US 6 Highway
When the new Highway US 36 was constructed at the bridge, the new US 36 was a 4 lane highway and it took a fairly straight path across St Joseph
The State of Mo also built a new US 36 4 lane highway from St Joseph to US 31 where it connected into US 36 thus eliminating the many hills and curves
The new highway also eliminated the need to travel through downtown St Joseph, thus eliminating a lot of traffic through downtown

Circa: 1962
North Belt Highway & Frederick

When most of us were cruising the Belt in 1962, you would see Cool Crest, Budget Inn, Snow White, Pony Express Motel, State Hospital #2. Skateland, Army Reserve Building, Moila Golf Course, Kroger or Gibson's Discount Center
Bishop LeBlonde High School and track is right there among them all
The Farber Farm is visible on the south side of Frederick, this would later become Commerce Bank
Gibson's Discount Center moved into the Kroger building in the early 1960's
I got a job at Gibson's during my high school Christmas vacation pricing Christmas ornaments with a magic marker for 50 cents per hour
Terry McGinnis thinks Central High School is in the far distance at top middle
Can anyone add any more??
The photo was submitted by Terry McGinnis

Circa: 1962
North Belt Highway & Frederick

Snow White and Phillips 66 Service station visible. The Belt Highway was 4 lanes at this time

Circa: Pre-1961
North Belt Highway & Frederick

This is a cropped section of the photo below
The photo was taken sometime before 1961
I have marked some locations that I recognize
This is an aerial view of the Belt Highway (Highway 71) and US 36 Highway
Known points of interest from left to right: Skateland, Krogers Grocery, MFA Feed, Bill & Jim's 66 Service, Snow White, Pony Express Motel
The Farber farm as seen in the bottom left would later become Commerce Bank
Original photo was taken by Phil Okonski's father
The photo was submitted by Phil Okonski

Circa: Pre-1961
Looking North from Faraon

This is a great photo taken sometime before 1961
East Hills would later be built in the pasture behind the tip of the KFEQ tower
The road on the far right is Woodbine Road. This was a narrow dirt and gravel road. I know this as a fact because my milk truck got buried up the it's axles in the late 1960's and had to be towed out of the mud by Finis Chafen Towing
Today, Woodbine Road is a modern 4 lane street with a speed limit of 40 MPH
Photo was taken by Phil Okonski's father
Photo was submitted by Phil Okonski

Circa: Unknown
Looking North

Yet another great aerial photo
The exact circa is unknown but seems somewhat recent
North Belt Highay, Woodbine Road and Interstate 29 are visible in this aerial photo
East Hills, Hobby Lobby, Hastings, Hillcrest 4 building & many other current businesses can also be seen

Circa 1980
2229 North Belt Highway

Photo - 1980 St Joseph News Press advertisement

Circa 1980
2325 North Belt Highway

Photo - 1980 St Joseph News Press advertisement

Circa 1955
Southwest corner of North Belt & Faraon

Robert Hall Clothing store can be seen in the far backgroud
This company no longer exists

915 North Belt

Before East Hills was built, there was a small A & W Root Beer stand located just south of Frederick on the east side of the North Belt Highway
After East Hills was built, a small Conoco gas station replaced the A & W Root Beer
East Hills Animal Clinic later replaced the Conoco gas station
In 2012, after East Hills Shopping Center had finished all of it's major modifications, a brand new Golden Corral replaced the East Hills Animal Clinic building
Also, at one time, there was an A & W Root Beer Stand located inside the original East Hills Mall

2318 North Belt Highway

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Circa 1963
North Belt Highway

Photo #1 - 1963 photo of Archdekin's car wash that was located across the Belt Highway from where East Hills Shopping Center was to be built
Photo #2 - You can see a Motel in the far background

1316 North Belt Highway

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Circa 1947-1982
2203 North Belt Highway

The Belt Drive-in theater occupied 18 acres of land
It was located on US 71 highway, 1/2 mile north of the old US 36 Highway
The Belt Drive-In Theater opened on July 11, 1947
First movie was "Breakfast in Hollywood" with Tom Breneman
The Belt Drive-in had a car capacity of 550 cars and was built on a hill
The back of the screen faced the Belt Highway
The Shangri-La Motel & restaurant sat at the base of the hill
The screen was a 60 foot steel structure erected by Missouri Motor Movies Inc.
When the Skylark burned & closed, the Belt's traffic did not increase so it was decided to close it also
All traces of both structures are now long gone
Anderson Ford dealership currently occupies the Belt Drive-in area

Photo #1 - St Joseph News-Press newspaper advertisement
Photo #2 - Highway 71,Cool Crest Mini Golf, Belt Drive-in
Photo #3 - When the drive-in sold, the entire hill was leveled
Photo #4 - current view of where the theater once stood
Photo #5 - current view of where the theater once stood
Photo #6 - current view of where the theater once stood
Photo #7 - The Belt Drive-in marquee
Photos #8 - Ashland United Methodist Church held services on Sunday mornings
Photos #9 - Advertisement for Ashland United Methodist Church services
Photo #10 - 1949 Belt Drive-in advertisement
Photo #11 - Newspaper photo of construction of screen in 1947
Photo #12 - Aerial view of the Belt Drive-in in the late 1940's
Photo #13 - 1948 newspaper photo of the Belt Drive-in screen construction
Photo #14 - 1948 newspaper photo of Assistant Manager Larry Bennett
Photo #15 - Cool Crest, Shangri La & Belt Drive-in locations
Photo #17 - June 29, 1980 - Church member opening trailer/pulpit
Photo #18 - couple in car
Photo #19 - church people greeting incoming patrons
Photo #20 - November 19, 1982 - the screen begins coming down
Photo #21 - November 19, 1982 - the screen is coming down
Photo #22 - November 19, 1982 - the screen is down
Photo #23 - November St Joseph News-Press newspaper article - part 1 of 3
Photo #24 - November St Joseph News-Press newspaper article - part 2 of 3
Photo #25 - November St Joseph News-Press newspaper article - part 3 of 3
Photo #26 - 1955 photo of the theater entrance
Photo #27 - 1953 Belt Drive-in's Kiddie Karnival advertisement
Photo #28 - 1953 Belt Drive-in's Kiddie Karnival
Photo #29 - Belt Drive-In theater entrance

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1328 North Belt

This motel has had numerous owners and name changes over the years
The Belt Motel is located on the west side of the Belt Highway north of Frederick
It looked quite different back when it was Travel Lodge
Budget Motor Inn is just north of the Burger King sign
Note: the water tank was orignally a metallic color and is now painted baby blue

Photo #1 - Originally, this was the Belt Motel
Photo #2 - The motel was changed to Travel Lodge
Photo #3 - 2006 photo - named the Budget Motor Inn

7th Felix1 6th Felix2 3

6415 North Belt

This used to be Bill & Bob's Hitching Post, located on North Belt
It became The Nut House in the early 70's
A really neat night club with dancing & live Rock N' Roll Bands but got closed down for selling to minors
After changing hands several times, it became a day care center for children called Kids Korral
It became Black Velvet then finally became a collectibles store
Photo #3 - Wednesday July 1st, 1970 Nut House advertisement

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Circa 1984
6421 North Belt Highway

B & J Skate Center Roller Skating Rink is a 1 floor indoor roller skating rink that is open year round

North Belt & Karnes Road

This evidently was a playhouse
Photo - 1939 Advertisement

Circa 1980
2304 North Belt Highway

Computerland was among the first computer stores in St Joseph
It opened on September 1, 1980 in a strip mall just off the Belt Highway
Computerland was a franchise store that sold only computers and related items
John and Janelle Berry of Savannah MO were the store operators
Photo - Janelle Berry of the new Computerland

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Circa 1948
1400 North Belt Highway

Cool Crest Garden Golf was built in 1948 by Jan and Guy Saxton
This is one the very best miniature golf courses in the USA
I've played many other courses but have yet to find one as fine as this one
Today, Cool Crest doesn't look anything like the original
They now have 3 beautiful courses that you can play on
In warm weather, they are very busy every night
This is located at one of the busiest intersections in St Joseph

Photo #1 - February 1948 - Preparing the land for Cool Crest Garden Golf
Photo #2 - The Belt Drive-In Theater & Shangri La Motel are visible
Photo #3 - Coupon you receive if you sink your ball into a special hole after playing
Photo #4 - part of one of the courses
Photo #5 - part of one of the courses
Photo #6 - part of one of the courses
Photo #7 - St Joseph News-Press article about Cool Crest Garden Golf
Photo #8 - Cool Crest advertisement

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Circa 1975
1717 North Belt Highway
Circa 1980s
1717 North Belt Highway
1717 North Belt Highway

From 1975-1980, Dapper Dan Pizza & Pub was located here
In the early 1980's DapperDans became Country Palace. Great country bar
Local and up & coming bands played there weekly
O'Rouke Brothers, Coyote, even Teddy Paxton performed there
They would have half the building closed off though the week, on slow nights
But on the weekend the place was rocking
Parking lot was full and extending onto surrounding lots
The above Country Palace information was supplied by William Baker
U-Haul rentals is currently occupying this address
Photo #1 is a 1979 newspaper advertisement
Photo #2 shows Woolco, Country Palace & other businesses

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Circa 1970
3630 Frederick Avenue

Many people probably don't remember Der Weinerschnitzel

In 1970, it resided on the Southwest corner of Belt & Frederick Avenue

It was a very short lived hot dog drive-in restaurant

It had a very bad location as their driveways were way too close to the Belt Highway intersection which made it really hard to exit the lot even back in 1970

You can still see the concrete driveways on Frederick Avenue

With today's traffic, getting out would be close to impossible

If we had one today at a different location, I am sure it would be a big hit

Photo #1 - Feb 1970 newspaper advertisement
Photo #2 - Der Weinerschnitzel
Photo #3 - Location where the building stood

Circa 1970
Deluxe Cleaners
411 North Belt Highway

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Circa 1981
North Belt Highway & Cook Road
North Belt Highway & Cook Road
North Belt Highway & Cook Road

The new Dolgins store opened in 1981, it was a very impressive store
Dolgins later closed to concentrate on selling their diamonds
Dave Freidel told me that when Dolgins closed, a Best Store opened in the location.
After the 2nd store closed, Payless Cashways Lumber purchased the building
Payless gave senior discounts and had low prices
Lowes opened a store nearby and began matching or beating Payless Prices
Unable to compete, Payless closed their doors when Lowes opened nearby
After Payless closed, Lowes stopped giving senior discounts and raised their prices
In 2012, the Payless building was torn down and Dick's Sporting Goods, Aldi's Grocery & Pet Smart built new stores on the land

Photo #1 - Dolgins Store
Photo #2 - The old Payless building is coming down
Photo #3 - The old Payless building is coming down
Photo #4 - Dolgins when it opened in 1981

Circa 1975
3705 Frederick Avenue
Circa 2015
1206 North Belt Hwy

For many years, Dunkin Donuts was located on Frederick Avenue, just east of the Belt Highway. They built a new building at 1206 North Belt a few years ago and moved into it.
1975 newspaper advertisement for Dunkin' Donuts

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Circa 1965
North Belt Highway & Frederick Avenue

East Hills Mall opened August 19, 1965
East Hills Mall was built by Sherman Dreiseszun in 1965 as one of the first malls in the Midwestern United States
Original tenants included Montgomery Ward, J. C. Penney, Safeway Inc., Katz Drug, Woolworth's, and Hirsch Brothers department store
The mall was expanded in 1988, and Dillard's and Sears were added
The mall underwent an extensive renovation in 2008 and 2009
In 1988, Sister's Chicken built a store in the western parking lot

Photo #1 - JC Penny & Katz Drug Store. Skaggs Drug Store later replaced Katz
Photo #2 - Woolworth opens at East Hills, September 1965
Photo #3 - Musicland in East Hills
Photo #4 - 1966 Newspaper photos of East Hills interior
Photo #5 - August 20, 1965 Katz opening day at East Hills
Photo #6 - 1970 East Hills photo
Photo #7 - 2013 East Hills photo showing new renovation
Photo #8 - Postcard prior to current remodeling
Photo #9 - 1970 Katz advertisement for 6th & Francis & East Hills
Photo #10 - Topsy Popcorn advertisement
Photo #11 - August 19, 1965 advertisement of opening day at East Hills
Photo #12 - August 18, 1965 Hirshes East Hills Advertisement
Photo #13 - August 18, 1965 Katz East Hills Advertisement
Photo #14 - August 18, 1965 Montgomery Wards East Hills Advertisement
Photo #15 - August 18, 1965 Safeway East Hills Advertisement
Photo #16 - Ladies shopping at Montgomery Wards
Photo #17 - Kinney's Shoe
Photo #18 - Paris and Playworld at East Hills
Photo #19 - 1988 Sister's Chicken Advertisement
Photo #20 - 1967 Woolworth advertisement

Circa 1964
East Hills Shopping Center

This Dickinson owned 712 seat theater was located inside of the shopping center

It was located between the restrooms and the A & W Hot Dog stand

The theater opened in 1964 when East Hills first opened

The theater closed on Sunday, November 11, 1990 when their lease was due for renewal

The first movie shown was John Wayne, Dean Martin and Jeremy Slate in The Sons Of Katie Elder

At the opening, Jeremy Slate appeared in person at the Fox Theater

Included was a movie of Eugene V Klein, the President of National General Corporation, welcoming people to the new Theatre

They had a search light outside pointing to the sky

The last show was James Belushi and Michael Caine in Mr Destiny

Multi screen theaters were said to be the cause of it's demise

The theater no longer exists, it was removed during one of the first renovations

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Circa 1951
Belt Highway & Frederick Avenue
3727 Frederick

After WWII, Flinchpaugh's was located at the NE corner of the Belt and Frederick
Flinchpaugh's was later located one block east of Junction US 36 & US 71 Highways
The owners were Jon and Marjorie Flinchpaugh
Flinchpaugh's Zoo and Animal Farm. What an attraction for children and adults
The building was razed sometime during the early 1960's
Alligators, monkeys, birds, and various other animals populated the building

Photo #1 - Flinchpaugh Zoo Photo submitted by Larry Flinchpaugh
Photo #2 - Newspaper advertisement
Photo #3 - 2011 photo of Larry Flinchpaugh
Photo #4 - 1958 photo of Jon Flinchpaugh & a gator
Photo #5 - Black & white photo of Flinchpaugh's
Photo #6 - 1954 newspaper advertisement
Photo #7 - Buffalo at Flinchpaughs in 1951
Photo #8 - Vicky Lynn the Chimp
Photo #9 - Front view as it looked in the 1950's

Watch Larry Flinchpaugh's 1959 10 minute video of his parent's attraction
Flinchpaugh's Reptile Garden and Zoo

2602 North Belt Highway

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Circa 2015
210 North Belt Highway

Construction of Freddy's Frozen Custard began in December 2014
It is a new restaurant that is under construction
It was scheduled to be open sometime in January or February 2015
Photo #3 was taken in April 2015, the restaurant has not opened yet
It is located just north of the Belt Bowling building

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Circa 1958
#3 Frog Hop Ballroom
2402 North Belt Highway

This is the 3rd and last Frog Hop Ballroom in St Joseph

In 1958, George Swafford built this last Frog Hop at 2402 North Belt

The Frog Hop was a great place for high school proms and other social functions

Claude and Regina Hull took over the Frog Hop in 1969

The Hulls ran it until 1978 when the famed ballroom closed for good

The building was a disco and a country western dance hall from 1979 until 1985 when Steve Eckard bought the building

Mr Eckard opened a carpet and wallpaper store in the building

Mr Eckard is still in the carpet business today as Eckard Carpet Store

Regina R. Hull and Donald E. Hull are still the current licensed owners of the Frog Hop Ballroom

Photo #1 - 1958 photo of the Frog Hop Ballroom
Photo #2 - Eckard's Carpet store submitted by Terry McGinnis
Photo #3 - Guy Lumbardo playing at the Frog Hop Ballroom in 1960
Photo #4 - 1975 marque showing Liquid Fire scheduled to perform
Photo #5 - Liquid Fire Band photo submitted by Brooke Hickman
Photo #6 - The Kingsmen poster submitted by Brooke Hickman
Photo #7 - 1962 Central High School Prom
Photo #8 - 1962 Central High School Prom
Photo #9 - 1962 Central High School Prom
Photo #10 - 1962 Central High School Prom
Photo #11 - 1962 Central High School Prom
Photo #12 - 1958 ceiling Silver Leaf souvenir

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1702 North Belt Highway
1702 North Belt Highway
1702 North Belt Highway
Circa 2014
1702 North Belt Highway
The building was sold & razed in 2017

Golden Corral was once located at this address
The old Golden Corral building remained empty for many years
The building was remodeled and became Manchester Steak House
After Manchester Steak House closed, it became the Tap Room
The Tap Room closed in 2014
It became Mariachi Mexican Grill and Cantina in late May 2014
The lady who owns Hunan's Chinese Restaurant leases the building to Mariachi

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Circa 1960s
724 North Belt

I don't remember this place - anyone remember it?
Bank Midwest built a new bank at this address, the original structure is gone
Griff's Hamburgers is a regional fast food chain founded in 1960 by Griff's of America, Inc. of Kansas City, Missouri

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3700-3708 Frederick Avenue
6th & Edmond
3700 Frederick Avenue

Once located on the SE corner of Belt & Frederick in the East Hills parking lot
The original structure was built for Howard Johnsons
After Howard Johnsons moved out, it became the Ground Round
Ground Round moved downtown to 6th & Edmond in July 2012
The move downtown to a larger & newer building was a great move
The Ground Round has plenty of room now for dinner parties
Ground Round's old structure was demolished in 2012
A new building was built where the old Ground Round once stood
Currently occupying the new building are 5 guys Burgers & Fries, a hair salon, Sprint and a Mexican sandwich shop

Photo #1 - Ground Round at Belt & Frederick Avenue location
Photo #2 - Ground Round at Belt & Frederick Avenue location
Photo #3 - Ground Round Sign at Belt & Frederick Avenue location
Photo #4 - Ground Round Sign at Belt & Frederick Avenue location
Photo #5 - 2012 Ground Round demolition photo
Photo #6 - 2013 photo of Ground Round new building at 6th & Edmond
Photo #7 - 5 Guys Burger & Fries new building
Photo #8 - 5 Guys Menu
Photo #9 - Ground Round at Belt & Frederick Avenue location
Most photos submitted by Marcia Hayes


Circa 1960s
North Belt & Frederick Avenue

This prime Belt Highway location once housed our 1st Hardee's
This Hardee's was much better than the Hardee's we have in town today
It was located on the NE corner of Belt and Frederick Avenue
Back in the 1960's & 1970's, they had a great tenderloin sandwich
The building had sat empty for many years
The building was finally torn down a few years ago
A fancy new medical clinic was built in it's place

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2201 North Belt Highway

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Circa 2013
205 North Belt Highway

August 9, 2013 photos
Hollywood Video and Sprint were purchased by Hy-Vee
Construction of the new Hy-Vee gas station and convenience store
As of 2014, construction is complete
On Tuesdays of each week, the gas station offers free full service
A car wash stucture has been constructed on the north side

1 2

Circa 2013
201 North Belt Highway

1 2

Circa 1960's

Circa 1960's
Look at all the trees that are not there anymore
Here are 2 different views of the intersection at Belt Highway and Faraon
Photo #1 - looking south on the Belt, the Skylark marque can be seen on the left
Photo #2 - looking east on Faraon, the Belt Highway & KFEQ tower can be seen
Photos submitted by Brooke Hickamn

406 North Belt Highway

1953 Kiddieland1 1953 Kiddieland2

Circa: 1953
North Belt Highway

In 1953, Kiddieland was located on North Belt Hwy, one mile north of old US 36 Highway (Frederick Avenue)
Kiddieland offered a variety of rides for youngsters plus real Shetland Pony rides
There was a ferris wheel, a streamline train and even boat rides for the youngsters

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Circa 1968
619 North Belt Highway
Circa 1975
619 North Belt Highway
619 North Belt Highway
619 North Belt Highway
Circa 1984
619 North Belt Highway
619 North Belt Highway

King's Food Host was in business from 1968-1974
It was located in the Hillcrest Shopping Center
This building originally housed King's Food Host, followed by The Green Pepper
It later became Big Cheese Pizza, a popular teen hangout with an arcade area
When Big Cheese closed, it reopened as a bar called "Don't Drink The Water"
It featured live bands and Chippendale style male dancers
Godfather's Pizza opened in 1984, later moving to a strip mall at 1329 So Belt
The Mattress Firm then occupied this building

Photo #1 - A King's Food Host sign (not St Joseph's)
Photo #2 - 1970 newspaper advertisement
Photo #3 - 1974 newspaper advertisement
Photo #4 - 1984 News-Press newspaper photo
Photo #5 - The Green Pepper

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AKA The Pink Ice Cream Cone
2330 NORTH 36th
(North Belt Highway & 36th Street)

Located on the West Side of North Belt Highway & North 36th Street intersection
During the summer months, this is a popular Ice Cream & Hot Dog spot
1950s & 60s music is played during open hours
Harley Davidson and Elvis Presley are commemorated
They make a mean Harley Dog, a "Full Dresser"
(A hot dog with chili and all the fixins)
Photo #1 submitted by Terry McGinnis

1 2

Circa 1970s
3508 North Belt

There was a Maid-Rite at 3508 North Belt Highway in the 1970's
It was located between North Belt McDonalds and the "Y" Motel
Sturgis Leather currenty occupies the building

Y BBQ & Motel1 Y BBQ & Motel2 Y BBQ & Motel3 Y BBQ & Motel4 Y BBQ & Motel5 Y BBQ & Motel6 Y BBQ & Motel7

Circa 1930s
3510 North 71 Highway (North Belt Highway)

The "Y" BBQ & Roadhouse sat on the town's outskirts, the junction of North 169 and 71 Highways
This is now one of the busiest intersections in the city and the area is really developing with a new shopping center, Lowes, Walmart, Sams Club, large movie complex, resturants and other retail businesses soon to be opening in 2005 & 2006

The resturant housed several slot machines and had 10 cabins in back, which were called, tourist courts. Many of the cabins are still standing today and are occupied by small businesses

On the south side, a filling station used to stand. The building burned down in 1939 or 1940.

Across the highway, where the Mo Highway Patrol now stands, was the Thames Stadium, ball field and race track

The Ogden Restaurant was across the highway on the northeast corner, where St Joseph Tobacco now stands

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Circa 1960s
601 North Belt Highway

This was the first McDonald Restaurant to open in St Joseph in the early 1960's
They sold hamburgers for 15 cents & cheeseburgers for 20 cents
The french fries were 10 cents
Photo #6 is their 1970's menu showing increased pricing

Photo #1 - Current 2012 photo
Photo #2 - newspaper advertisement
Photo #3 - 1963 newspaper advertisement
Photo #4 - Left to right, Jim Kelly, Greg Everett, Danny Taylor
Photo #5 - McDonalds view from the Belt Highway
Photo #6 - 1970's McDonald menu & prices

1 2

Circa 1942
Faraon Street Road & Belt Highway

Circa 1942
3525 North Belt Highway

1942 Missouri State Highway Patrol Car
Unknown Officer
Troop H

1 2 3 4

Circa 1960s
2414 North Belt
Building modified, Bowling Alley is gone

Besides bowling, in the mid 1960's, they use to have a special room filled with standard and snooker pool tables
Olympia Lanes closed in 2016, the building was sold and modified into a organic food store

Circa 1938
US 71 & Blackwell Road

1 2 3 4

2621 North Belt
2621 North Belt
2621 North Belt

This was originally Phillips Roxane

It is located on the southeast corner of Belt & Gene Field Road

It later became Anchor Serum and remained so for many years

It is currently Boehringer-Ingleheim, now one of the city's largest employers

They are constantly expanding, adding new structures and parking lots

Notes for photo #4: (better copy of #3)
The 1st Pizza Hut in St Joseph visible bottom right
Derby service station lights visible bottom left, building hiding structure
The Derby station no longer exists

Photo #1 - 1966 newspaper aerial photo
Photo #2 - 1977 aerial photo of Phillips Roxane
Photo #3 - an old aerial photo of Anchor Serum
Photo #4 - 1966 aerial photo of Anchor Serum

1 2 3 4 5 6

Circa 2016
3508 North Belt

When the Martin's Y Motel was razed, construction began on a small strip mall in it's place
Located just north of the new McDonald's restaurant is this new mini mall that will house 5 businesses
The new McDonalds can be seen in a few of the above photos
Pie Five Pizza opened in the far north end of the mall the 1st week of December 2016

1 2 3 4

2600 North Belt Highway
2709 North Belt Highway
3414 Gene Field Road

(Photo #1) This was the original and 1st Pizza Hut in St Joseph
Years later it was sold and this building has been home to 2 taverns
A new Pizza Hut was was built on the corner of Belt Highway & Gene Field road (Photo #2)
After many years, this older Pizza Hut was finally replaced with a new building (Photo #3) and photo $4
I need to take some more photos of the new and improved building
When we were in a Pizza Hut in Orlando Florida while on vacation in the mid 1990's, they had a ranking list on the wall
At the top of the list was this Pizza Hut and it had been ranked as being the #1 Pizza Hut in the nation - We thought that was pretty neat
Parking at this Pizza Hut had always been a problem
They had a very small parking lot in front
If you parked in a lot behind, those owners were always complaining about Pizza Hut customers parking in their lots, threatening to call the police, etc
Pizza Hut bought the Captain D's property behind and built their new building behind the original on the newly purchased land
Then the old building was removed thus creating a much larger parking lot in front
The new larger parking lot eleviated their parking problem
They also now have a drive thru pickup window in the rear of the building
Pizza Hut submitted some of their parking lot land to the city so the city could create a 3rd lane used for turning north onto the Belt
It was a major improvement for Pizza Hut and traffic flow

1 2 3

2219 North Belt

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Belt & Frederick

The Pony Express Motel was once a Best Western motel
In Oct/Nov 2006 it was torn down to make room for a small shopping center
It was located directly across from where Burger King now stands
The restaurant and Captain's Lounge were in the northern part of the building
We stopped there for drinks on our wedding night, Sept 23, 1966

Photo #1 - Pony Express sign lit up at night
Photo #2 - Pony Express sign in daylight
Photo #3 - Distant view of the motel
Photo #4 - Pony Express sign
Photo #5 - Captain's Lounge
Photo #6 - The restaurant
Photo #7 - Advertisement
Photo #8 - Postcard
Photo #9 - Postcard

Circa 1980
629 North Belt Highway

Photo - 1980 St Joseph News Press advertisement

1 Ranch House Motel2 Ranch House Motel3 Ranch House Motel4 Ranch House Motel5

410 North Belt Highway

1 2 3 4 5

409 North Belt

Robert Hall Clothing was located on the northeast corner of Belt & Faraon
The building changed hands several times before finally being bulldozed down
In photo #1, Jim Summer's father is standing in what was in 1968 an empty lot across the Belt Highway from the store
Robert Hall's was replaced by Liberty Sound video rental store
Liberty Sound was later replaced with another video store
In 2013, it was a tanning facility and other businesses

Photo #1 - Robert Hall's can be seen in the background of this 1968 photo
Photo #2 - The Robert Halls building was replaced with Liberty Sound Video Store
Photo #3 - Newspaper advertisement
Photo #4 - Newspaper advertisement
Photo #1 submited by Terry McGinnis

St Jo Motel1 St Jo Motel2

North Belt Highway & Frederick Avenue

North Belt & Sherman Avenue
North Belt & Sherman Avenue
North Belt & Sherman Avenue

Unfortunately, I have not located any photos of this Sambos
It was located across from Cool Crest Miniature Golf Course
In the mid to late 1970's, Sambos restaurant was located on the southeast corner of Belt & Sherman Avenue
Sambos was only open for a few years
After Sambos closed, the Great Wall Chinese Restaurant occupied the building
The Great Wall later moved to the Mazzio's Pizza building on South Belt Highway
Numerous loan companies have since occupied this building

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501 North Belt Highway

Shakey's Pizza was located at 501 North Belt Highway (see photo #1)
After Shakey's left, it became 36th Street Restaurant
They served great meals and was a very popular restaurant
In later years, they suffered a bad kitchen fire and was closed for a while
Upon reopening, the name was changed to La Dolce Vita - 36th Street Restaurant
The original Taco Bell can be seen in photo #1
In 2010, the property was sold to the owner of Subway Sandwiches
The building was razed and a new Subway was built in it's place
The new Subway was completed and opened for business in 2012

Photo #1 - old photo, Shakey's can be seen on the right side
Photo #2 - 36th Street Restaurant
Photo #3 - La Dolce Vita marquee
Photo #4 - Shakey sign

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3301 North Belt Highway

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North Belt Highway

The Shangrila Motel was a unique looking motel that was located just south of the Belt Drive-in theater on US Highway 71
The motel had a excellent restaurant and a lounge with a dance floor
It was managed by Ted & Joan Bolton who also lived at the motel
The vintage photo #5 shows the location of the motel in reference to Cool Crest
When photo #5 was taken, everything was on the outskirts of St Joseph on US 71
It would be interesting to know when US 71 also became known as the Belt Highway
Photo #1 is newer as it has a swimming pool, #7 does not
Photo #7 submitted by Michael Miller

Photo #1 - Business card
Photo #2 - Postcard
Photo #3 - Telephone book listing
Photo #4 - Bar of furnished soap in a motel room
Photo #5 - Aerial photo showing location to Highway 71
Photo #6 - Advertisement card
Photo #7 - Older Business Card

Circa 1990
2203 North Belt

In 1990, Shoney's was located here
The Ford's Quick Lube currently occupies the location

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Circa 1985
1607 North Belt
1607 North Belt
1607 North Belt

In 1985, Showbiz Pizza was located at this address
After Showbiz Pizza closed, Bonnie & Clyde's Tavern occupied the building
The building was later razed and Rolling Hills Toyota built a new building on the site
Today the Rolling Hills Toyota dealership is still located at this address

Circa 1981

Sisters Chicken was owned by Wendys
It closed down in 1989

Circa 1933
North Belt Highway
Where the MO State Patrol sits today

Built in 1933 by Hal Thames, owner of Thames Motor Company
In 1939 and 1940, The St. Joseph Saints of the Western Association (men's professional baseball) played in Thames Stadium
Hal Thames was also President of the baseball team in 1940
The need for the stadium diminished with the construction of the St. Joseph Phil Welch City Stadium
The Thames Stadium was demolished prior to 1946.
The Thames stadium was located where the Mo Highway Patrol now stands. There was also a race track nearby

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2204 North Belt
2204 North Belt

Both restaurants were a buffet style restaurant
Both had great food
Both were a good place to eat dinner however neither of them lasted very long for some reason

Circa: 1972
2300 North Belt

This is a 1972 photo of a Skelly Gas station that was located on the west side of the Belt, across from what was now Rod's Hallmark Cards

Rod's Hallmark Cards closed in the summer of 2012)

Another gas station was located across the highway from this one

If anyone knows any details about this photo, please let me know

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Circa 1949-1982
137 North Belt Highway

Skylark Drive-In Grand Opening was on Monday, July 25, 1949
The cost was low, Adults .50 cents
There were fireworks Display at dusk, free Pony Rides, Bottle Warmers and a Diaper Service
The feature film on opening night was "South Of St Louis" staring Joel McCrea
The Skylark Drive-In was the second Durwood drive-in to be built
It was built in 1949 with a car capacity of 600
It was located across the Belt Highway from the Belt Bowl
In June of 1955, the Skylark Drive-In started to screen CinemaScope movies
Over the years the Skylark Drive-In screened mostly family, comedies, westerns, adventure and drama movies
The Skylark was managed and operated for many years by the James Kibble family
Chester & Harriet McGaughey managed the theater until it's closing in 1982
The last two movies shown were "Poltergeist" & "Clash of the Titans"
On July, 11th 1982, a fire started in the concession stand 2 hours before it was due to open that Sunday night, causing $30,000 in damage
The Skylark Drive-In did not reopen for the remainder of the 1982 drive-in season
It did not open for the 1983 drive-in season either
Everett Hughes, the Crown Cinema director of operations, commented if it did reopen it would be at half of the 600-car capacity
The attendances at the Skylark Drive-In was on the downhill before the fire and it was not profitable anymore to continue operation
It was decided in 1984 to demolish the Skylark Drive-In
Mr Hughes decided to redevelope the property into retail stores and health services offices
The lot sat empty for many years before selling a part of it to Venture
Venture built a new department store on the south end of the property and remained in business for at least 10 years
Heartland Hospital remodeled the Venture store and currently occupies the location for it's offices
Hy-Vee, numerous stores, a bank and a strip mall now occupy the Northeast area

Photo #1: 1973 photo showing the entrance to the Skylark. According to the sign on the far left, Return to the Planet of the Apes was "coming soon". Note the costumes, they were promoting the current movie, "The Legend of Boggie Creek"
Photo #2: 1949 newspaper Skylark advertisement
Photo #3: Thursday, May 17, 1984 - the large screen was taken down. The theater had been closed since the 1983 season due to the fire in the concession stand
Photo #4: 1973 newspaper advertisement
Photo #5: Speakers needed to hear the movies, they had to be hung on your car door or window. Some people drove off forgetting to remove them thus damaging their vehicle
Photo #6: Remnants of the concession stand fire July 12, 1982
Photo #1: submitted by Michael McGaughey
Photo #3 and #6-12: submitted by Terry Plumb

Approx 1400 North Belt

The Skyslide was located for a short time between the water tower and Cool Crest Miniature Golf, it was great fun while it lasted
Occassional burns were received if you slipped off the gunny sack type material used for sliding down the slide

Snow White1 Snow White2 Snow White3 Snow White4 Snow White5 Snow White6 Snow White7 Snow White8 Snow White9 Snow White10 Snow White11 Snow White12 Snow White13 Snow White14

Circa 1940
3645 Frederick Avenue

Snow White was located on the Belt Highway just north of Frederick Avenue
The Snow White was remodeled shortly after 1957
By the late-1950's Snow White had expanded and become the largest and most popular drive-in restaurant in St Joseph
Snow White as the home of the 59 cent Big'un!, a big double decker cheeseburger with a special sauce
Every booth had a small juke box player. For a quarter you could listen to 5 songs
Their pies were made by Jerre Anne's, who made the best pies in St Joseph
In the mid 1960's, the curb service closed, only inside eating was provided
I was at the curb service one night, I observed some kids were getting out of hand squirting mustard and ketchup
The curb service was closed down permanently the very next day - this may have been the reason
On January 25, 1991, the Snow White was razed
Shortly after, Winsteads Hamburgers was constructed on the site
Winsteads was torn down about a year later
Winsteads was replaced with a Walgreen Pharmacy

Photo #1 - 1957 picture of the Snow White. Some of curb service is visible
Photo #2 - as it looked in 1957
Photo #3 - taken in 1982
Photo #5 - Artist drawing of the Snow White Resturant
Photo #6 - Snow White markee
Photo #7 - Old Snow White menu (cover)
Photo #8 - Old Snow White menu (inside view)
Photo #9 - A newer Snow White menu - the Big Un is no longer 59 cents
Photo #10 - The Big Un was 65 cents
Photo #11 - Circa 1960's Snow White postcard
Photo #12 - 1951 Photo
Photo #13 - Razing of the Snow White January 25, 1991
Photo #14 - Snow White Sign that was by the Belt Highway entrance

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Circa 1932
3101 North Belt Highway
Circa 1955
3101 North Belt Highway
3101 North Belt Highway
3101 North Belt Highway

In 1874 Swiss Immigrants banded together to form the St Joseph Gruettli
The Gruettli was a Swiss Lodge (a Swiss fraternal & social organization)
In 1928, the ladies formed an auxillary called Ladies Swiss Edelweiess Society
Annual picnics were held in town with as many as 12,000 people attending
In 1932, the Swiss Lodge was built on 4 acres purchased from the Miller Farm
In 1932, the Belt Highway was 2 paved lanes with gravel area in the middle
The lodge became popular and was also rented out for meetings, parties
In 1939, the building was enlarged, doubling it's size
In the 1970's the building was leased out as the Swiss Lodge Restaurant
The restaurant, with Swiss decor seated 150 people, also had a full bar
This building was located at 3101 North Belt Highway
It housed 3 businesses during it's lifespan
Originally it was called the Swiss Lodge
It was later named the Swiss Chalet
It was located on the east side of North Belt Highway
It was a great place for parties, picnics, meetings, etc
It was sold and remodeled to become the Monterey Mexican Restaurant
The restaurant didn't remain in business very long
The building was torn down and other structures have now taken it's place
A strip mall and a Phillips 66 gas station is now where the Swiss Chalet once sat
Photo #18 - 1940 St Joseph News Press photo

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Circa 1972
507 North Belt

This was the first Taco Bell to open up in St Joseph
Taco Bell moved to 3301 North Belt and this building sat empty for many years
Several businesses have occupied the building over the years
The McDonalds in the photo is the first McDonalds to open in St Joseph
Photo #2 - 1972 St Joseph News Press advertisement

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Circa 1985
137 North Belt Highway

Venture opened it's first St Joseph store on October 16,1985
It had about 90,000 square feet of floor space
It closed the St Joseph location about 10 years later
By the late 1990s, Venture found that it was unable to compete against other retail chains, such as Wal-Mart, Target, and Kmart
The company announced that it was closing of all of it's stores on April 27, 1998
Most of the remaining Venture buildings were absorbed into other chains, such as Kmart, Kohl's, ShopKo, and Burlington Coat Factory

Belt & 36 Highway

North Belt & Frederick Avenue

3137 Karnes Road
3137 Karnes Road
3137 Karnes Road

This was located on the northwest corner of Belt Highway & Karnes Road
Commerce Bank purchased the structure and was razed in 2014
An extension of the Commerce Bank building may be built on this site

Snow White

North Belt & Frederick Avenue
North Belt & Frederick Avenue

The Snow White property was sold to Winsteads. Winstead's lasted a year or two, then it was torn down
Walgreens Drugs built a new drug store in it's place
In September 1999, Eckards Drugs built a new drug store across Frederick from Walgreens
Eckards closed and a new CVS Pharmacy opened in their location

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Circa 1971
1417 North Belt Highway
1417 North Belt Highway
1417 North Belt Highway

Woolco opened here in March of 1971
Woolco would later become Wal-Mart
A & P grocery store also opened at the far south end
After Wal-mart moved their store, Office Max occupied this address
Office Max still occupies the building in 2014
The Country Palace restaurant is in the foreground
This is the only photo of the Country Palace I have

Photo #1 - 1971 photo of Woolco Department store
Photo #2 - 1981 photo of Woolco and Country Palace restaurant
Photo #3 - 1971 Woolco Department Store
Photo #4 - 1971 Newspaper Advertisement

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930 North Belt

This cafeteria served great food, it was like eating a home cooked meal
For some reason it was not very popular and went out of business
Eckerds Drugs built a new drug store at the location
Later, CVS Pharmacy took over the location

Photo #1 - Newspaper article on the demolition of the building
Photo #2 - Wyatt Cafeteria coffee cup

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Circa 1930s
"Y" Motel & BBQ
510 North 71 Highway
Entire complex was razed April 2016

3510 North 71 Highway (North Belt Highway)
Back in it's day, the "Y" Roadhouse sat on the town's outskirts
It is still located on the west side of the North 169 and 71 Highway junction
This is currently one of the busiest intersections in the city
The restaurant housed several slot machines and had 10 cabins in back
The cabins were called tourist courts
Many of the cabins are still standing today
Many of the cabins are occupied today by small businesses
On the south side, a filling station once stood
The filling staton burned down in 1939 or 1940
Across the highway, where the Mo Highway Patrol now stands, was the Thames Stadium, ball field and race track
On the northeast corner, where St Joseph Tobacco once stood, was the Ogden Restaurant
Votterot College now occupies the St Joseph Tobacco building


Feel free to email me with any photo donations, comments or questions
Rick Drozd

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